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Ever been inspired by an unexpected performance on the street? Some of the best music isn’t being made or performed in traditional venues. It’s being played on the streets of New Orleans and on the metro platforms of Paris; it’s being performed in temporary theater spaces on improvised stages in Edinburgh, or under some shade on the docks of Goa. Around the globe, great art is being produced outside the mainstream, and the artists who make it survive on their wits and the donations of appreciative patrons. Best of Street is about two of our favorite things: spreading the word about great street performers and getting them paid. We provide personalized QR codes to a community of street artists worldwide, and consumers can scan these codes with a QR code reader on their smartphone, allowing them to digitally donate money to artists, buy their recordings, and spread the word.


"I buy my best music from Best of Street...an idea whose time has arrived."
-Lesley Gore.
"Tired of antiseptic, manicured plastic pop music? The real deal from the sidewalks of New Orleans -- hands down, the greatest music city on the face of the earth -- is the antidote to today's pop music blues. "The Best of the Street" is the real deal in the face of an ever-increasing superficial, homogenous, empty-headed culture. Bon ton roulet, keeping it real. Long live the living."
-Joel Selvin
"A totally fresh sound, with a totally fresh idea of spreading appreciation. Music is the food of the soul, and Best of Street discovers for me a satisfying combination of new flavors, with classic undertones. I feel inspired to make a documentary about these incredible subjects, and the people behind it who bring us their art. For me, it's about elevating the conversation-- whether it be the music or the activism--- Best of Street nails it. More cities please!"
-Nicole Boxer
"I finally got a chance to listen. I like it, very authentic. The spirit seems to be intact." -Didi Casnati of The Gypsy Queens talking about the Best of Street Album
"The 2013 Hell Yes Fest was a tremendous success, hosting comedians and comedy groups from all over. One of the best parts of this festival was working with and being sponsored by incredible local businesses and organizations. One such organization, Best of Street, was particularly great to work with. Their mission to empower musicians strikes a chord with us in comedy/arts/entertainment industry. Their generosity in supporting our festival is huge, considering the hard work they are doing right now to raise money for their own initiative. We were thrilled to be associated with them and could not have asked for a better sponsor."
-Chris Trew
"As a music producer I've signed two street performers to to recording contracts and their lives and lives of others were changed forever because of it. They made more money but they never left the streets. If you like your music authentic and played by people who will pay any price for you to hear it, go down to your local bohemia and put your ear to the pavement and hold your breath."
-John Snyder

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